Virtually T-Touch-able: First Augmented Reality Window Display by Tissot

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Tissot has launched the first augmented reality window display at Selfridges London, which allows consumers on the street the chance to virtually "try-on" a 3D watch from Tissot's pioneering T-Touch watch collection.

The technology - activated using a paper wristband - enables users to see themselves wearing the watch on large screens in the window of the store.

With 28 different variations to choose from, consumers will be able to try a selection of styles and select the finish and colour of their wristband from the Touch collection, including the new Sailing Touch, T-Touch Expert and Sea Touch.

As well as seeing how the watch would look on their wrist, they will be able to experiment with the touch screen features of the watches, including the diver functionality of the Sea Touch and the altimeter, meteo, compass and thermometer of the wider ranges.

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