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In a move that reflects its increasing focus on urban infrastructure, progressive building codes and regulations, and sustainable lifestyles, the Cascadia Green Building Council unveiled a new mission statement and strategic vision along with a revised name.

Cascadia's new mission, "to lead a transformation towards a built environment that is socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative," highlights both the environmental NGO's growing focus on issues beyond the scope of the individual buildings and its increasing national leadership role.

This move builds on the reputation that Cascadia has earned in recent years as a resource for policy-makers and design professionals interested in supporting advanced green building practices.

"We need a paradigm shift in our approach to the built environment," said Jason F. McLennan, CEO of the Cascadia Green Building Council.

"We can't get there by focusing solely on single buildings and a 'project-by-project approach.'

If we want societies capable of thriving in a world of limited resources, we have to develop appropriately scaled, regionally relevant strategies for water, energy, transportation and agriculture, and we have to integrate these strategies into our architecture and urban planning.

Cascadia's new mission statement and motto, 'Envisioning the Living Future', reflect our emphasis on a system-wide approach to change and on the end-game philosophy that drives our work."

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